For a US based global bank operating in over 100 countries, wrote the scope document for a global investigations data base and case management tool for combining anti-money laundering and fraud prevention initiatives. Also wrote the business requirements document as well as the user acceptance test plan including test cases.

For the same global bank, wrote the business requirements document for an anti-money laundering and compliance metrics data collection, data warehouse and data analysis initiative.

Managed the user acceptance testing for the Moneyline® product for Fidelity Investments. This product transfers billions of dollars each day to and from client bank accounts and the Fidelity brokerage businesses, both the discount brokerage and the correspondent services business. Clients have the ability to set up all information required to initiate these connections using a web application. All functionality had to be tested including the web based interaction, money transfers, bookkeeping and large value manual approvals as well as OFAC and anti-money laundering interfaces.

Managed a twenty plus person-year project for a private placement bond management system managing tens of billions of dollars. A custom system was required because a standard portfolio management system could not handle the individually negotiated instruments.

Developed a travel agency profit sharing system for American Express Travel Related Services. This system managed corporate in-house travel businesses managed by American Express and paid participating companies millions of dollars monthly according to individually negotiated profit sharing terms.

Managed an SEC commended project for Merrill Lynch, from proposal, thru design and implementation for an automated proxy tabulation system.

In a competitive bidding situation, provided the portfolio data analysis for a set of multi-billion dollar government bond portfolios. The timely, accurate and thorough analysis won the bank the lead underwriter role.